St Nicolas began working with an Indian partner. Our Indian embroidered hanging decorations are handmade using the traditional method of zardozi embroidery

Zari – meaning gold – embroidery originated in Persia and reached India in the 12th century. It is a highly skilled embroidery technique that traditionally used gold ! wires and jewels to embellish courtly robes. Zardozi work is now a rare andrespected craft, the skills of which, with your support, continue to be handed downfrom generation to generation. Zari-work is now officially recognised as one of the ‘Ancient Handicrafts’ by the Government of India.

St. Nicolas has been supporting the same family-run business in Northern India for over 20 years, and this long-term relationship means that we can supply unique handmade designs at competitive prices, without compromising the welfare of our artisans.